How To Rid Your Home Of Mice

Mice are found everywhere in the world. Some even go to the extent of living in people’s homes. They carry and spread diseases, spoil food and some even bite. These and very many more other reasons are why mice should not be allowed to make a home in or around your family house. Below are tips to assist in keeping your
home mice free. Here is some advice from mice control Toronto professionals.

1. Remove sources of food.

Mice are known to eat almost everything, thus any food remnants left lying around is a delicacy to them. All dishes should be cleaned after eating including those used to feed dogs and cats, and clear any food leftovers. All garbage should also be well sealed so that the mice do not find a way to access it.

2. Seal holes and ways.

Mice make use of any available entrance to gain access to the house. Small holes or cracks that may lead to the inside of the house are to be sealed and openings around pipes or cables cemented. Ensure that your windows have screens and that doors are closed at all times.

3. Keep surroundings clean.

The outside surroundings should be kept clean and their homes ruined. Any form of trash,  unneeded furniture junk cars or anything that they might use as a home is to be cleared. Do not allow weeds to grow and always keep the bird feeder far from your house.

4. Set traps in the house.

Put a mousetrap alongside the walls and inside cabinets and drawers. Some will not travel long ways to obtain food and the traps will get them. Poison should not be used inside the house because it is dangerous to children and pets and also the mice does not die immediately hence it might sneak inside the wall, die and smell horrible.

5. Use poison outside.

You can place poisoned bait in locations outside the home where the mice reside or frequent most times to feed. However, caution should be taken to ensure that the bait is not accessible to other people or pets. Always be careful when using poison. Preferably, let the professionals handle poisons.